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6th January 2005

12:49pm: Happy New Year!
Hi everybody,

Sorry mommy has taken so long to post...just the way she is.

So my new things now are: talking in sentences, making my opinion known, being funny, and still working on the whole pee in the potty thing.

I cracked my mommy up the other day by quizzing her. I know the at stoplights, Red meand STOP, Green means GO, and Yellow means Caution. We talk about it all the time when we're in the car. Well, last Saturday, mommy was driving me back to Grandma Paige and Pop-pop Choc's house when I asked her what Red means. She told me, STOP. I told her "That's Right!" just the way she tells me when I answer correctly. ;)

I also made a joke with this line of questioning. Mommy tried to trick me and asked what does Blue mean. I told her that Blue says "tweet, tweet" because we have a parakeet named Blue. LOL

Also, until just after Christmas, I would tell mommy and daddy and whoeverelse was nearby that "I look like a bear Halloween", "Graham look like a bee",and "I trick or treat and got candy and bubble gum" EVERY DAY at least ONCE A DAY. Halloween really made an impression!

Christmas was good, too. I made out like a bandit (like all babies should). Mom will have to describe more later - she has to get back to work now.

21st July 2004

1:47am: thoughts on becoming 2
Mommy hasn't had a chance to update and so before she forgets too many cute stories:
-Monday night, I took Joseph Bear to the potty and put him on it and said, "Pee" and "Potty". Mommy made the pssst sound and I said it too. then we wiped and flushed...then put him back on.
-Tuesday morning - I was brave and didn't want panties or diapers for school - just a pair of skorts. Going commando to school - hee hee.
-a few weeks ago, I let Joseph Bear have some nummy mommy milk and told him to have some and "mmm", but I won't share with the cats - it's my malk. In addition, I also like to "pop off" and either say, "ahhh, smoothe" or "elicious (delicious)" when I'm done. Sometimes, I want more milk and it's just not flowing like it was, so I'll pop off and try to "squeeze" and actually try to squeeze it out, but mommy doesn't like this so she helps me get more out.
-mommy's birds had baby birds and now i call them "my baby birds" and sit with them each night and then put them to sleep (ie - tell mommy to put them back in the nest so they can sleep)
-Bear in the Big Blue House (BEAR, BEAR, BEAR), Teletubbies (LA LA, LA LA, LA LA and Po and eltubbies), and Kermy (Kermit the Frog and the rest of the muppetgang for Muppet Family Christmas) are my favorite shows/characters.
-A few weeks ago I gave Graham, my bestest friend in the whole world, a kiss and hug good bye when he left with his dad for the day. Every day, I say "Bye Graham" when we leave school. Mommy coaxes me to school with promises of seeing Graham and I tell him to come and take a nap with me during nap time. Of course it is a love/hate sibling relationship - but that's ok. I even try to call him on mommy's cell phone (of course, I could also be saying "Grammy")
-I can identify mommy and grammy in pictures and even myself (Iley).
-I like to pet the kitties and know all their names. I even try to understand that Snow is "scared", but I just want to pet her too. I also like to help mommy feed the kitties (another way to delay putting on panties -heee)
- I like to carry my lunch bag or one of my toys into school.
-I like to paint, read, dance, slide down the slide, and talk about colors and animals (I'm also starting to recite my numbers).
- I've mastered saying "off" when refering to clothes and trying to pull them off.
-I make my mommy and daddy kiss my Joseph Bears and Baby Joseph bears and make them kiss each other.
-I try to put my stuffed bird dolls on my shoulder like mommy has the birds on her shoulders.
-I Love playing on daddy's laptop - especially Clay on the disney playhouse site.
-I LOVE CHEESE and CAKE and OGURT and NANNAs and JUICE and SODA and most fruit (strawberries and melon). Lately, I've been very observent of having MEAT at dinner. I hold up each piece for mommy and daddy to notice and tell them it's MEAT.
-I have more hair now but its still not enough for mommy to do anything with (or that I'll let her do anything with).
-I can name eyes, ears, nose, chin, hair, tummy, bottom, knee, foot, arm, elbow, shoulder, hand, and pee (where I go pee).
-I can say yellow, geene, blue, pople, ang (orange), red, int (pink), and white.
-I'm starting to say triangle
- I know the sounds sheep, cats, dogs, birds, walruses, lions/tigers, elephants/rhinos (STOMP), and snakes make. I try to say butterfly but it comes out fferfly.
-I like to push the cart instead of being in it
-I like to give big HUGS
0I'm very polite - I say please and thank you. I ask for a towel when I spill and say it happens when I spill (usually as I help to clean it up).

I'm sure there is more, but mommy is tired. She will have to think of a way to link to the photo albums she has made on ofoto.com.

Good night.

2nd October 2003

11:52pm: One step for Riley...a giant leap for babykind
I took two steps on my own this evening!!! I've been able to stand on my own for a couple weeks not - up to 10 or 15 seconds at a time. Tonight I was standing and took three steps forward and then plopped down, grabbed my juice holder, and took several well deserved sips. Mommy was on the phone with grahamphx and she yelled into grahamphx's ear that I took my first steps.

I've come so far in just a few months. I turned 14 months old last Friday and I'm saying Mama, Dada, baba,and can make kissing noises and zerbert noises. I can point to things that I want, I can cruise on the furniture, crawl like a bat out of heck, beat mommy up the stairs, chase the kitties, pull myself up, bend down to pick up things, walk with only one hand being held by an adult. I love baths and playing in the water. I love the birdies, I just wish they liked me. I can kinda feed myself, I can hold a cup on my own, and I am learning to fork things. I rub my ears, head, and eyes when sleepy and just lay down when i'm tired. I'm doing toddler works at school and work hard at figuring things out when I'm at home. I love the computer keyboard and interrupting mommy or daddy when they are on the computer. I love having books read to me over and over again (Brown Bear, I Love to Play, and most any other board book). I love Bear in the Big Blue House, Rollie Pollie Ollie, and Stanley.

Mommy needs to do more journaling for me - she has to tell about my two weeks with Grandma and Grandpa Linsley in August, starting the school year, my birthday, and other events. But now it's time for me to go to bed.

Good night.
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24th September 2003

9:52am: My birthday pictures
Mom has been very neglectful of posting for me. Se has to update you all on my latest developments, but she's at work right now and only has time to give you the link to my birthday pictures. Hope you all like them.

Riley's 1st Birthday Pictures

24th July 2003

1:46pm: Almost a year old!
Two days to go and I'll be one! WOW.

On Sunday, the 20th, mom noticed that I have a tooth coming in on the bottom of my mouth. That explains why my gums have been hurting and why mommy thought that nursing felt different. My first tooth!

I'm a crawling and crusing fool. I like to put my blocks back in their box and put my toys back in the milk crate. I also like taking them out :) I'm pulling up on anything and everything. I've even learned to pull on mommy or daddy's sleeves to get them to pay attention to me. I'm saying Da-Da and Gentle (when petting the kitties or thwacking mommy and daddy, or pulling Graham's hair). I make kissy noises by making a fishy face. I love Bear in the Big Blue House and the Muppets! THere are so many things that I can do now that I couldn't a year ago (then again, a year ago, I was in mommy's tummy).

I'm wearing 24-36month clothes (2T works too). I'm getting hair (well, enough to mess up in the back).

Mommy wants to do a handprint and footprint for my birthday - kinda missed doing it when I was born what with all the NICU stuff.

I can't wait for my birthday party - cake, friends, gifts, attention all on me - YAY :)

Mommy has more to say, but her work is calling. Hopefully the next update won't take so long.
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24th June 2003

5:01pm: Surgery!
Just wanted to let everyone know that my surgery this morning went fine. I was a little disoriented and kinda hungry when I woke up but I am doing good. Mommy might give you all the details later if she feels like it.
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21st June 2003

What a difference a week makes.

On June 11th, I crawled at school. I attained forward motion! Mommy saw me crawl Thursday night. Then over the weekend, Grammy and Grandpa saw me crawl too. Then everyone from sunday_games saw me crawl. At school, I got better. I would crawl across the room, I pulled myself up on the viewbox, and crawled up the ramp. I also walked halfway through the walking bars. I like to crawl on the tile and I liked to crawl over to the dining area. Now I can go and pester Matthew while he eats like he used to do to me :) I'm now also pulling myself up, crawling over Mommy, and trying to cruise around the furniture. Poor kitties - here I come :)

On Saturday the 14th, I had to take pictures with my cousin, Quinn. She's 2 years old and couldn't decide if she liked me. We took the pictures, but it was harder this time. The photographer kept waving this duster at me and couldn't tell that I was scared of it. I really just wanted to be with my mommy, not Quinn. I really didn't like the whole thing at all. But we did get one good picture of me and Grammy and Quinn. Then we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Grammy shared her mashed potatoes and meatloaf with me. Quinn was upset that I was sitting in the highchair. Then she didn't want to share Grammy or my Mommy. I fell asleep on Grammy while everyone finished their lunch. I even got to try Quinn's chocolate ice cream before I fell asleep. Then we went home and I got to go swimming for the first time! Mommy had trouble keeping my head above water, so I ended up sitting in a raft so I could splash and still not drown. Then Grammy carried me and tried to get me to kick. Then Mommy tried again and did better with keeping my mouth out of the water. It was like a HUGE bathtub - I just splashed and splashed the water around. It was all so exciting that I didn't want to go to bed. I just wanted to be with everyone. Finally, Mommy had to take me into the bedroom, away from everyone, so I could calm down and go to sleep. Quinn, Uncle Tom, and Auntie Nicole stayed the night too. I hated to leave in the morning, I love being with Grammy, but we had to get back for games. I slept the entire car trip home!

Yesterday, Friday the 20th, I got to stay out of school and go to the eye doctors. I'm going to have my left tear duct opened surgically on the 24th. I had to have a quick check up with the eye doctor. Everyone in the waiting room thought I was cute. There was this 2 year old little Hispanic girl who was very nice to me. Her mom and grandmom said I was cute and they kept touching me, saying I was soo soft. They also said I looked like a little doll, and that I look healthy. (Mom says lots of people say I'm a Gerber baby, a Cabbage Patch doll, or a porcelain doll.) Then we went to lunch with Daddy. I got to have some of Mommy's ice cream from McDonald's. THat was YUMMY. I wanted to hold the cone - it's just like a cup. I LIKE ice cream. Then I went to Mommy's work to pick up my milk for Monday. I was so tired, that I fell asleep in the car on the way over. i woke up while Mommy was talking to cowboy_r's aunt, T. She said that she LOVES my expressions. I showed her and a couple of mom's other co-workers how I can crawl and drink from a sports water bottle. Then we went to see the anestisiologist. They say that I can't have anything for three hours before my surgery! How mean are they?! Denying me food and drink. Turkeys. Mom says its so I won't get sick while I'm "asleep", but I don't know about that. Then we came home and rested before getting Daddy. we had mashed potatoes and BBQ chicken for dinner. I got mashed potatoes EVERYWHERE on me - all over my face, my dress, my hands. Mommy just laughed at me and then cleaned me up. I got back at her - this morning I took off my diaper in bed and then had an accident. Mommy was very surprised to see a naked Riley next to her. HEE HEE. NAKED!

Anyway, I'm a crawling fool. Next step - Walking - look out world!
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12th June 2003

10:40am: Day with the doctor
I went to the eye doctor yesterday. The nurses all fawned over me. One said I looked like a Gerber baby, another said I looked like a Cabbage Patch doll. They touched and petted and squeezed me (am I Charmin?). I met another baby and we babbled with each other and tried to touch each other gently. We met a mom who's 5 year old son had had a stroke at birth and had cataracts and other problems. Mom was happy that I was healthy after my birth.

The doctor said it was time to schedule a probing to clear my left eye tear duct. On the 20th, mommy is going to take me for pre-operative consulations and physical. Then on the 24th, at 6:30AM, they are going to put me under and then probe the tear duct. I'm sure everything will go ok.

After the eye doctor, which was a long 1.5 hours (waiting and seeing him), we picked up daddy. Again, several agents commented on how "neglected" and "mal-nourished" I looked :) They also remarked that I always am happy when they see me. Why shouldn't I be happy - I have a great Mommy and Daddy.

Then we took daddy to school, picked out Father's Day cards for Daddy and my two grandpas, and went grocery shopping. It was a BIG day. I was tired and hungry when we got home. Mommy had bought me a lot of food to try and take to school next week. I had a good time with mommy and then took a nap while she did some work for cousin Wendy's shower. Then when we went to pick up daddy, I got really mad. I was comfy at home, trying to eat and sleep when mommy took out to the car. I screamed and cried and made mommy feel sick with how sad I was. When she stopped to get daddy, she took me out for a break, but then I screamed when she put me back in the car seat. It didn't matter that daddy was in the back with me, I wanted MOMMY and wanted to eat. I calmed down when we got home. Mommy even let me pet one of her birdies - he was funny! Then mommy and daddy ate dinner and watched tv. I went to sleep around 11 and woke up at 4am and then 7:30am - so it was a good night for me.

Mommy will tell you more tomorrow.
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11th June 2003

12:41pm: Finally...an update
So, it has been many moons since mommy updated my journal and so much has happened.

My life for the past week and a halfCollapse )
Mommy will have to fill you in tonight or tomorrow on how my eye doctor visit went.
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29th May 2003

12:45am: What a week
It's been an interesting week.

I started getting the sniffles on Saturday and that progressed to coughing and congestion for the rest of the week. Sunday, I got to hang out with daddy's friends while mommy went to dinner with Aunt Colleen. When mommy came back, she took me over to Aunt Colleen's and we spent the night there. There so many new things! And there was this red drink that mommy and aunt Colleen were drinking. I kept trying to get my hands on it, but they wouldn't let me. I played and stayed up much later than usual. I was having so much fun, I didn't want to go to sleep. Then I woke up and there was LOTS of light in the house. We went to breakfast and I got to have bananas, apples, and pears. I'm getting much better at using the spoon to feed myself and I'm really good at drinking from a glass. I do like to put my hand in the water and feel the coolness. I also like to get all the ice cubes out of the glass. I didn't spill too much.

Monday was my 10 month birthday. My how time flies. I'm getting more hair on my head, even if Colleen says mommy is just imaging it. I can sit up by myself, I grab thing with my whole hand and with my index finger and thumb, I give mommy kisses, I LOVE standing, I'm trying to walk, I can crawl backwards - forwards, I'm working on (I can get up on my hands and my feet, but I'm not going anywhere), I am babling up a storm, I smile lots, I'm teething (but no teeth yet), and I really HATE it when mommy is out of sight.

I'm still figuring out how to pet the kitties. I keep grabing their fur and not listening to the meows. I ended up getting bit by that fat cat Rain - bad cat.

Tuesday I went to school and played with Graham and Matthew. I really like my teacher Crystal, so much in fact that I'm really upset when she goes to lunch. I'm getting better about going on the buggy rides. FOr a while there, I really didn't like riding in it.

Today, I had kinda of a fussy day at school. I didn't like my lunch (only 2 bites) and I really missed Crystal and mommy. I'm still kinda congested, with a slight runny nose. I took a bath tonight and had LOTS of fun splashing the water and sucking on my bath toys (tonight, the shark was particularly nice). I also tried to eat some pasta, but it was more fun to grab it and squish it and drop it on the floor than to eat it myself.

Mommy will have to update you all tomorrow. Have a good night.
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18th May 2003

6:32pm: Parties
This weekend has been a flurry of activity.
Friday, I went to school and had a good day. Although twice this week, the boys mistook me for a chair. Silly boys. Then I went to brennabe's wedding rehersal - I was a flower girl. We started to put me in an umbrella stroller, but the other flower girl got shy when there were too many people and didn't want to push me. So it was decided that mommy, roxietiel, would carry me down the aisle.
Saturday, mommy and daddy took me shopping at the mall. It's funny how all these older women babble and touch me. I must be cute :) Daddy got a new shirt and tie and mommy got a new blue dress. It was hot in the car! Then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a gift for brennabe. That night, mommy put me in my white dress with flowers on the edges of the skirt. I then posed for pictures with the bride and the wedding party. Mommy made silly faces to try and get me to smile. Then I ate and waited for my turn to go down the aisle. Mommy walked down the aisle and threw flowers as I played with a flower. Then I got kinda chatty and giggly during the ceremony. Then I crashed hard at the reception. I was just soooooo tired. When I woke up, brennabe took me for a tour around the reception. I wanted to help give a toast, but we missed the microphone...so here's my toast to the lovely couple......"Gah, gah, goo, ah gah, brrrrr."
Sunday, we went to a brunch and I hung out with la_monday because she was leaving soon and she's a cool person to hang out with - she had not one, but TWO shiny necklaces that she let me play with ;). Again, everyone oohd and ahhhd over me :) and I played with mommy's champagne glass. She let me have my own glass of bubbles (sparkling cider) and it was yummy. I didn't spill a drop. Then I came home and played with mommy. brennabe is here now and I'm going to play with her for now.
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21st April 2003

1:56pm: Sundays are loud at my house
Yesterday was Sunday again and some of Daddy’s friends came over to play the game with the small, colorful blocks with numbers on them. But as much as I reach for them, no one will let me play with their blocks. I was sleeping when they started playing but I woke up a little while later and mommy took me downstairs so I could be a part of the fun. I sat with brennabe and drank her water while I made faces at my daddy for a while.

brennabe tried to feed me some apple-banana-strawberry baby food but I wasn’t hungry, so she let me just play in my high chair for a while. I really like my high chair, I can see everyone and be included in what is going on. And my high chair has some really cool toys. Daddy put a bigger version of one of the blocks that he and his friends play with in the mouth of the bird toy and I roll it around.

Mommy put dinner on the table for all the big people and they ate, while brennabe and I walked around for a while. Then I nursed a bit and after that played with my toys on the floor with mommy and cowboy_r until I got too tired and brennabe rocked me to sleep. Sometimes on Sunday evenings, when there are so many fun people at our house, I don’t sleep at all, but yesterday I wasn’t feeling so well, so I was tired. I hope that I stop coughing and my nose stops running soon. Mommy said we are going to see the doctor today.

After I woke up from my nap, I played a while and watched Daddy and his friends play video games and then Mommy and I went upstairs and took a bath.
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4th April 2003

11:36pm: Good bye grandma & grandpa!
Mommy and Daddy brought me over to Grandma Paige and Grandpa Choc's tonight. They gave me their WHOLE CHEST OF TOYS!!! Including the ringing rattle! I love that thing! Not only does it make a cool noise, it fits nicely in the mouth. You can't ask for much more from a toy.

Daddy says I am this close to nailing down forward mobility. You see, I try to crawl forward, but I wind up going backward. Not sure how that works out, but that's how it is. I'm gonna nail it down though.

T's daddy said I was cute today. He's a nice guy.
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3rd April 2003

12:13am: My Friend T.
My first non-family friend is a girl at my day care, her name is T. She's about 5 months older than me. T and I played on and off today. She taught me a zerbert game, where I lay on my back and she toddles over, blows a zerbert on my belly, then runs off! The teacher says we're really cute and very funny! We had a blast!

I played some peek-a-boo with Daddy after he got home from school, then I checked out my blocks while Mom and Dad had dinner. Later, Mom and Dad gave me a bath in the sink. It was a little chaotic and messy, but I'm squeaky clean! Afterwards, I crashed out for a looooonnnnnnnggggg nap, and only woke up to move from downstairs to upstairs.

'night 'night.
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31st March 2003

11:53pm: Monday, Monday, Monday
I went to Grandma Paige's today. It is the last time she'll be watching me till she gets back from Florida in September. I guess I have fun with her. She loves me an awful lot. Sometimes she doesn't do things the way Mommy does them, but for the most part, I'm flexible.

Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up! Usually it is me and Mommy picking Daddy up. We dropped Daddy off at his classmates house to do homework and then went home. I played with the soft blocks while Mommy ate a quick sandwich. Boy, I sure do love napkins - they're yummy. Then Mommy and I napped as I nursed. Then Daddy came home and I LAUGHED while he kept saying "DUUUDE!" emphatically. That Daddy is a funny one. Mommy and I played some peek-a-boo and I napped again. I kinda fought it, but Mr. Sandman finally took me away. I just woke up again and I need one more diaper change and one more feeding before I sleep for the night.
12:04am: Sunday
I went out to lunch with Mommy today after dropping Daddy off at the mall. Playing with the spoons at the restaurant rules, and the waitress was nice. Mommy was too fast and kept the glass of water out of my reach. I'll get her next time.

I helped Mommy give a shower to the birds, and then I took a bath in the big bathtub for the first time. Mommy and I played with the bubbles, and I almost took a header in the tub. I look very cute in a towel, if I do say so myself.

Took a nice, looooooonnnnnnnngggggg nap, talked a bit to Grandma PJ and then played with a pot while Mommy made some pasta salad. Ate some oatmeal and apples/bananas for dinner - eating with a spoon is starting to fall into place, but actually getting food onto the spoon is a real trick.

The rest of the night was blocks, a quick nap, and some peek-a-boo with Mommy. Daddy got home and played blocks with me for a while, and then we all went to sleep.
Current Mood: tired
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